Coffee Slushie – easy and delicious – DIY recipe

Coffee Slushie – easy and delicious – DIY recipe

I become innovative in this heat this summer

Do you remember Slushie? This crazy colorful, super sweetened, super artificially tasting water ice you can drink? For me it is a must when being at a swimming pool in the summer. Most of the time, I’m totally mesmerized by the Slushie machine, which keeps the ice moving and frozen. But as soon as the first sip makes my stomach sticky, I wonder why I just paid 5 € for it. Therefore, I replace the sugar water simply by great specialty coffee today!

Coffee Slushie Preparation

Simply prepare coffee in your favorite way – whether as an espresso, with the French Press, Chemex or hand filter.

Then fill the coffee into an ice cube shape and leave it in the freezer overnight.

For the coffee slushie you crush the ice cubes with the help of a blender or ideally with an ice crusher until only an ice snow remains. But be careful when using the hand blender. Cover the vessel. Otherwise you can clean the whole kitchen afterwards. It is saver, easier and faster if you crush the ice cubes roughly in a mortar before.

For all the impatient, who do not want to freeze the coffee first, but have (water) ice cubes ready – you can alternatively process the ice cubes into ice snow and then afterwards pour over cold coffee (like Cold Brew) and stir.

Anyone who is already thinking of the next weekend on a Monday morning – you can surely have the coffee slushie also as a coffee cocktails. How about Espresso Martini Slushie? Cheers!


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