Coffee Report 2016

Coffee Report 2016

Tchibo has been conducting surveys on coffee all over the world for five years, together with brand eins Wissen and, each year with a different focus.
This year, the focus is on innovation.

The following topics are covered:

  • Countries, varieties, producers, including fair-trade
  • Report on the Cenicafé Research Center in Colombia, looking for the coffee plant of the future
  • Coffee consumption in Germany
  • Preferred coffee preparation of the Germans (filter coffee still at the top)
  • Raw and roasted coffee as commercial goods
  • Portrait: Coffee Trucks

a few facts from the report:

Coffee consumption in Germany:

  • 23.8 % drink 2 cups of coffee per day.
  • 2.9 % drink 10 cups of coffee per day and more.
  • 67.6 % drink filter coffee and are on average 44.6 years old.
  • 41.8 % drink Latte macchiato / Milk Coffee / Café au Lait.
  • 71.8 % have a filter coffee machine.
  • 23.8 % have a capsule machine.
  • 96.4 % drink coffee at home, 65.2 % at work, 64.2 % at the Café, 29.6 % to go.
  • 23.3 % agree that the variety of drinks and preparation for coffee is so big that many consumers would like to have more manageability.
  • 34.2% agree that information about sustainable cultivation of coffee increasingly affects the buying decisions.
  • 30.3 % agree that more and more people are taking care to consume coffee sustainable, for example through degradable coffee cups or coffee machines with minimal waste.
  • 15.6 % agree that coffee-drinkers are turning back to pure coffee enjoyment: versions with milk, cream, milk foam and so on lose in popularity.
    If you are interested in the complete 104-page report, please click here for the pdf. Do not worry, there are also some pictures and tables;)
Who would also like to take a look at the results of the last years:
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  • 2014 focusing on sustainability.
  • 2013 focusing on different coffee cultures.
  • 2012 illuminates the most diverse aspects of the coffee.

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