National Coffee Day: Today, November 17, Nepal is all about the coffee, and the 12th time.

A few facts upfront:

  • In 1938, a hermit brought some coffee seeds from Sindu province in Myanmar (then Burma) and planted for the first time in Nepal in Aapchaur, Gulmi.
  • 1998 began the commercial agriculture of coffee.
  • Now coffee is cultivated in more than 40 regions of small farmers.
  • It grows to over 1,000 – 1,600 m height.
  • Is organic & fair-trade and handpicked.
  • The Arabica coffee has a powerful aroma, characteristic spiciness, with fine almond and nut aroma.
  • Himalayan Arabica Coffee was voted the best gourmet coffee by AVPA in Paris in 2016.

The National Tea and Coffee Development Board (NTCDB) promotes Nepal’s coffee potential by, for example, supplying farmers with more than 2 million coffee seedlings last year, exploring additional cultivation areas and focusing on tree nurseries. Nevertheless, the country can only cover its own coffee consumption by about 6%. Luckily, they export almost 100 tons a year, so we can get the original Nepalese taste even far away.

☕ Traditional Preparation

Mustang Coffee
  • 2/3 Coffee – 1/3 of a mixture of sugar or honey, butter and Raksi (a Nepalese rice wine)
  • Very common in the trekking regions, certainly not least because it warms inside.

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