Coffee Drip Bags

Coffee Drip Bags

Teabags are known, but coffee bags?

You should not think of coffee drip bags as coffee in a tea bag that is hung in the hot water. And they certainly are not capsule coffee 3.0. Rather, it is 12g of loose ground specialty coffee, in a mini-coffee filter with brewing instructions that can be hung in the cup. It is simple: open the bag, hang it up and pour over with 92° – 96°C hot water – as in the video below.

Who needs it and what it is good for? I had the same question and so tested it at home. The result is my short comparison of the pros and cons. If you feel like it, you can even participate in a contest, which I’ve found and last I’ve put together a few vendors, where you can order the coffee drip bags. Since they often come in small chic boxes, that is perhaps even your first Christmas gift bought this year – I mean you even get gingerbread already in the supermarket 😉

Since the drip bags often come in small chic boxes, that is perhaps even your first Christmas gift bought this year – gingerbread you get already in the supermarket;)

The Advantages

  • Coffee experience on the go.
  • Taste variety because each bag can contain a different coffee.
  • No equipment such as machine, mill, scale, hand filter or pot necessary.
  • Perfect for specialty coffee beginners, because grind and grammage are perfect already.
  • No aluminum as with capsules

The Disadvantages

  • More packaging waste than with conventional hand-filter preparation
  • A lack of the ritual of making coffee.
  • The coffee from the Drip Bag costs 3-4 times as much as the same loose coffee.


At Emilo you can actually even take part in a contest. You only need to post a photo with your personal Drip Coffee Bag in front of an impressive scenery on Instagram with the link @emilocoffee and the hashtag #nofilterneeded and you can win 365 individual Drip Coffee Bags. Deadline is 30.11.2018. Where to get the coffee, click below.


A good alternative to capsule coffee, for people who like it uncomplicated, do not want to set up a machine and maintain and value coffee quality. The bags are certainly also practical, for people who only drink a cup of coffee occasionally or want to test different coffees. But also in the office or traveling, where you can not carry all your coffee equipment from home, the drip bags are a good solution. For daily permanent use, I would not recommend them due to the price and the lack of beautiful ritual as with a hand filter or the French press.

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