New! Get Bunaa monthly in your inbox

New! Get Bunaa monthly in your inbox

Finally available! From now on you can subscribe for monthly Bunaa news.

3 good reasons for your registration
  1. No more manual checks for new blog posts – all posts of the month are in the Bunaa News.
  2. You like coffee fun facts? Me too! That’s why you get one in every issue.
  3. Digital Detox? For sure! You get a great event or Café recommendation.

Curious? All I need is your email and confirmation. If you need a break or start drinking tea only, you can unsubscribe at any time. Everything about data security can be found in my privacy policy.



Please note, the news are currently published in German only. However you can easily switch to English on the blog by using the flag symbol in the navigation. When there are enough subscriber, there will be an English version as well.

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