Coffee delivery drone

Coffee delivery drone

Coffee delivery drone patented by IBM

The drone recognizes the cognitive state of people by analyzing the blood pressure, the pupils or the facial expression of humans. If the drone recognizes that a person is tired, it brings coffee – but also if people signal by waving that they need coffee.
In the American patent, the technology group IBM describes the following options: Either the drone fills up the empty cup directly with coffee or leaves filled cups coffee down securely in a sealed bag on a string. So the idea seems to be perfect for the office. When or if such a drone ever goes into production is currently uncertain.

Even though I would really like to have my hand-filtered single origin coffee delivered to my bed yesterday, I have a few questions: Is this the same awful office coffee or can I choose the beans and the preparation? Is this GDPR compliant? 😉 Greases the office workers even more, because they does not even make it to the kitchen? And how would that look in normal life? Getting my coffee directly to the beach as in Jagan Gillett’s video, I’d love it!

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