Lose Weight with Coffee

Lose Weight with Coffee

After the gluttony of the last days a bad conscience?

Today I’ll see if one can melt the extra pounds of ginger bread, goose, red cabbage, dumplings and cocktails with coffee.


Scientifically proven is the stimulating effect of caffeine on the cardiovascular system. In addition, it promotes the release of fatty acids from depots (lipolysis). If the body then has an increased energy requirement, as in sports, the pounds melt more easily. But it does not work without it. If you’re not into sports, you burn 280 calories during a one-hour walk, and more than twice as much during sex.

Hardly any calories

1 cup of black coffee (300 ml) contains just 3 calories and creates a feeling of fullness. Bye bye intermediate snack. However, anyone who adds milk and sugar into the coffee turns the coffee into a small calorie bomb.

Good coffee tastes black anyway. Cheers.

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