Carneval in Rio

Carneval in Rio

What is the first thing to think about “carnival”? Rio of course! That’s why I saved the highlight Brazil for THE Day of the Year.

The biggest party in the world in Rio de Janeiro

  • Since Friday the less experienced Samba schools in the ascent or gold group have tried to convince the 40 judges to rise to the top 12 schools next year.
  • For today and tomorrow the Sambodrome will be the venue for the competition of these 12 top-class samba schools, who are dancing to get the treasured championship title.
  • The children’s parade takes place in Sambodrom on Carnival Tuesday, and announces the end of the competition.
  • The results of the championship are announced on Ash Wednesday, and are awaited every year with excitement.
  • By then there is plenty of time for street parties with the cariocas and carnival balls.


  • Carnival balls have been around since 1641. At that time imported from the Portuguese to Brazil, night celebrations of the upper society in France and other European countries were used as ideal.
  • Not surprisingly, 1841 was danced to polka and waltz on mask balls.
  • With the growing popularity, districts formed into groups known as Blocos, where the street parties took place.
  • Samba has only been around since the 1920s at the carnival in Rio.
  • The word Samba comes from the Angolan Masemba, a religious rhythm.
  • The Angolan slaves finally brought it to Brazil.
  • Since many former slaves settled in and around Rio after the abolition, we have to thank them that Samba has now become one with the carnival in Rio.
  • Magueira was the first Samba school to compete today with Mocidade, Beija, Unidos da Tijuca and Slagueiro and spend the whole year planning the next carnival.
  • And, of course, carnival is celebrated throughout Brazil today.

If you are in Rio, have fun on the spot in your costume or enjoy watching TV live. Only one question remains:

How do you keep awake all days long? Of course with coffee from Brazil.
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