Carneval in Panama

Carneval in Panama

Who needs musical change from the Carnival in Rio, should fly to Panama!
  • In Panama City at least 800,000 people are celebrating on the waterfront Cinta Costera.
  • In the capital and other towns and villages of Panama it is celebrated – 4 days and 4 nights.
  • The crowning of the queen, La Reina, on Friday is the first highlight.
  • The Queen’s truck is followed by the Murga, a group of musicians, who make rhythmic noise mainly with trumpets.
  • Today, the Saturday is the official start. In the morning, the party goes off at 30 ° C, Culecos, water parties are always part of it.
  • There are removals with beautifully decorated trucks with dancing, slightly clothed women, travesty artists to wild animal figures made of cardboard.
  • The dancing mass comes rather without disguise – as the outfit must be water-proof 😉
  • loud music is a must, especially Reggaeton with a lot of bass!
  • There are food, ice and alcohol everywhere.
  • Each place also has its own traditions. In Las Tablas, Higher Street, against Lower Street, try to overpower each other: with the decoration on houses, shops, pubs and streets, with almost endless fireworks in the evening.
  • On Shrove Tuesday everything is over.

And I’m sure, without any local coffee, no one would party still today!
Here info and coffee recommendations for Panamanian coffee.


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