Cape Verde Coffee – Rarity and Specialty Coffee

Cape Verde Coffee – Rarity and Specialty Coffee

  • Cape Verde Coffee from Fogo is a popular souvenir from the Cape Verde Islands.
  • Insider tip and at the same time true pleasure, because the coffee beans are considered one of the best in the world.
  • The reason for this are the optimal climatic conditions and the low production volume.
  • Cape Verde is No. 66 of worldwide coffee producers.
  • How the first coffee plants came to the Cape Verde is not clear. Most likely, it was the Portuguese who imported small Arabica coffee plants from an African country or brought them from Brazil.
  • What is certain, however, is that coffee has been grown on the islands for over 300 years.
  • Due to isolation from other coffee plants a new variety has developed.


  • The Arabica plants grow in the north of the islands at 1,000 – 1,600 m altitude near volcanoes on black basalt rocks called lapilli. In doing so, one makes use of the principle of planting vine. At night, the moisture condenses on the walls of the lapillis and then drips into the intended holes of the planting.
  • The region around Mosteiros has a good reputation for its coffee. It is grown in Galinheiro, Ribeira Filipe, Sao Filipe and Santa Catarina, but especially in the Morgadio de Monte Queimado
  • Other Cape Verde coffee plantations are located on the island of Santo Antao, in the Vale de Paul.
  • The Taste is very sweet with a full and strong body, an elegant acidity and a silky aftertaste.
  • The aroma ranges from ripe tropical fruits to chocolate, red fruits, lemons, blackberries and vanilla.
  • Fogo Coffee Spirit Ltd. buys coffee beans from about 100 farmers on Fogo Island for further processing and helps to create a platform for sustainable agriculture on the island of Cape Verde.
  • Although the locals appreciate the taste of their coffee, imported coffee is often cheaper and is therefore preferred.

Cape Verde Coffee

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