Australian Coffee – more than just Flat White!

Australian Coffee – more than just Flat White!

Small but fine! With only 0.01% of the world harvest – #50 of coffee producers and famous for their Flat White


Australian Coffee Specialties

Long Black
  • A coffee cup is filled with hot water
  • Then a double espresso or ristretto is added.
Flat White
  • The term flat white first appeared in Australia in the 1980s and quickly spread around the world.
  • 2 espressos are poured with approx. 100 ml fine-pored milk froth, similar to a cappuccino but stronger.
  • Flat White is perfect for latte art
  • 80x more caffeine than an espresso.
  • 4 espressi, 8 cold-brew ice cubes, which lasted 48 hours and 120 ml cold-brew-coffee, which lasted 10 days.
  • Health experts caution against the high dose of caffeine.

Who is currently in Melbourne or Perth, will find appropriate cafe recommendations.

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