Advent Calendar – Day 5

Advent Calendar – Day 5

Coffee from one of the best and most excellent coffee regions of Brazil

In bag 5 a second Brazilian coffee is waiting.

bunaa-coffeebean The Coffee

Ondas de Mantiqueira, Yellow Catuai

  • The fazenda ‘Ondas da Mantiqueira’ has existed for over 160 years and is located in the mountain region ‘Mantiqueira de Minas’
  • Farm manager José Nicácio Itagyba de Oliveira initiated the process of organic farming several years ago and transformed the farm into an organic certified farm.
  • The Yellow Catuai grows to 1,300 m and is processed as “natural”.
  • It is a fruity sweet filter coffee with notes of milk chocolate, sweet plum and apple crumble.

It comes on ice today.

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Café com Limão / Limãozinho

  • similar to the Mazagran
  • Fill a glass to 2/3 with ice cubes.
  • Add juice of a lemon in the glass,
  • chilled Cafezinho,
  • and sugar to taste.

See you tomorrow for bag 6 – do not forget to clean your boots 😉

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