Advent Calendar – Day 4

Advent Calendar – Day 4

Impressive in taste …

In bag 4, the first Asian coffee of the calendar from India awaits me!

bunaa-coffeebean The Coffee

Ramgiri Estate – Little Flower

  • The brand name ‘Little Flower’ comes from the wild Kurinji flower that blooms only every 12 years.
  • A spicy arabica from the oldest coffee plantation in India.
  • Organically grown at 1,500 m altitude in the south Indian Bababudangiri mountains
  • on the 165 ha plantation ‘Ramgiri Estate’
  • consists mainly of the Variety Selection 795, which was bred in 1946.
  • The coffee has a full body, tastes of hazelnut and cocoa, almond and marzipan and has little acidity.

Let’s drink it the Indian way

Kaapi / Madras filter coffee

  • South Indian filter coffee specialty
  • 70-80% medium-roasted and finely ground beans are mixed with 20-30% roasted chicory.
  • A metal filter is used for the preparation.
  • In the lower part of the filter comes the coffee mixture. Then the filter is put together, so that the coffee is compressed.
  • Pour boiling water into the upper part of the filter, which then slowly drips through the coffee powder.
  • The Kaapi is very strong. Therefore, only 1-2 tbsp. of the filter coffee is added to a cup of boiling milk and sweetened with sugar as required.
  • Shake until frothy and serve in a typical stainless steel cup with saucer (Tumbler & Dabarah)

Tomorrow we will continue with bag 5!

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