Coffee Blossom Honey – Rarity caffeine free

Coffee Blossom Honey – Rarity caffeine free

What else can we use from the coffee plants? There is even coffee blossom honey!
  • This honey is a real rarity and very difficult to harvest as the flowers of the coffee are opened only for a very short period of time for pollination.
  • With the establishment of beehives, the coffee farmers can secure an additional income.
  • Their bees pollinate the flowers of the coffee trees and deliver as a by-product honey.
  • The coffee blossom honey is a light brown and tasty honey – creamy and spreadable.
  • Caffeine does the honey not contain.
  • It is mildly dry and intensely aromatic with stimulating freshness.
  • Perfect for the sweetening of cascara, coffee-leaf tea or coffee-blossom tea or very exotic – on the roll 😉

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