World Coffee Science Summit – El Salvador

World Coffee Science Summit – El Salvador

Tomorrow the World Coffee Science Summit starts in El Salvador.
(31 May – 02 June 2017)

Who would have thought that coffee is a science ?! ­čśë
The World Coffee Science Summit provides a unique learning and networking opportunity for a variety of organizations along the production chain worldwide. Here, technology, scientific insights and useful experiences from experts from all over the world are united: from producers and researchers to roasters and sellers.


As in my article coffee in danger explained coffee leaf rust and others destroy many coffee crops and ruin some producers. The therefore partially used chemicals poison however the soil and drinking water. So at the World Coffee Science Summit it is about that we continue to get our coffee, the quality increases and all in harmony with nature.


Conferences include topics such as genetics, disease and pests, soil chemistry, climate change, nutrition, processing, productivity, quality, and other issues relevant to the sustainability of coffee farms and the coffee business as a whole. You can find the program here.
The Summit is organized by all the coffee associations in El Salvador, with the support of the Inter-American institute for Agriculture Cooperation (IICA), Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and World Coffee Research (WCR).

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