Coffee in Venezuela

Coffee in Venezuela

A country full of opposites


coffee in Venezuela

  • Venezuela’s coffee industry began to suffer after President Hugo Chávez imposed price controls on coffee and nationalized the country’s major roasters in the early 2000s.
  • Farmers began selling to the government at a loss and some stopped growing.
  • President Nicholas Maduro has banned all exports of Venezuelan coffee.
  • More about this here.

Coffee in Venezuela: Preparation

you can drink coffee everywhere at any time. That’s how you order:

Café Con Leche

  • 30 % café 70 % milk

Café Marrón

  • 50 % café 50 % milk

Café Tetero

  • 10 % café with 90 % milk

Café Guarapo

  • 80 % café diluted with 20 % water

Café Guayoyo

  • 50 % café diluted with 50 % water

Café Cerrero

  • double espresso, without sugar

Café Negrito

  • café espresso, without sugar

Café Carajillo

  • 95 % café with 5 % liqueur

Café Cortado

  • 95 % café with 5 % milk

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