South African Coffee

South African Coffee

Here you will find the probably most southerly grown coffee in the world!
  • The first plants were imported from Kenya and cultivated since the 1960s, since the 1980s only Arabica.
  • There are only 2 coffee plantations: the Beaver Creek Coffee Farm on the Indian Ocean as well as the Transkei Coffee Company, 100 km south.
  • Since the production volumes are very low, of which only a fraction is exported and the quality is high, South African coffee is regarded as an exclusive rarity.
  • South African Coffee is full-bodied with a fine acidity and has a delicate flavor and spicy.
  • South African Coffee is thus more like the Central American coffee than the African one.


South African coffee mug
South African coffee
South African coffee mug

    South African Coffee: Traditional Preparation

    Moer Koffie
    • Grind coffee beans with an old fashioned grinder.
    • bring a a liter of water in an enamel coffee pot to boil on open fire.
    • Add 60 g of coffee
    • Let it simmer for 5-10 min
    • Take care that the water does not boil violently, but is only hot, so that the coffee does not become bitter.
    • Take off the fire and let the coffee ground set. Use a fine sieve to fill the coffee into an enamel cup.
    • Depending on the taste add sweetened condensed milk and hot milk to it.


    South African coffee grinder

    Coffee Shops in Cape Town

    If you want to enjoy Cape Town’s hip coffee culture, you will get top quality in your cup here:

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