Coffee championships 2016 – the winner is …

Coffee championships 2016 – the winner is …

Yesterday, the German coffee championships 2016 of the SCAE came to an end. The coffee was celebrated from Wednesday to yesterday in partnership with the Fair FOOD & LIFE in Munich.
In the meantime the winners have been established in all disciplines. Chloe Natrass of Brewbox is now German Barista champion.

Discipline: Barista
  • German champion: Chloe Nattrass (Berlin)
  • Silver: Nicole Battefeld (Berlin)
  • Bronze: Tony Johnson (Mainz)
Discipline: Latte Art
  • German champion: Markus Badura (Deidesheim)
  • Silver: Kristina Eronina (Nürnberg)
  • Bronze: Carlo Graf Bülow (Bonn)
Discipline: Cup Tasters
  • German champion: Benjamin Hohlmann (Basel)
  • Silver: Theresa Prüssen (Basel
  • Bronze: Merouane Chachoua (Unterhaching)
Discipline: Coffee in Good Spirits
  • German champion: Niklas Schmedding (Mainz)
  • Silver: Arne Steinkirchner (Hannover)
  • Bronze: Philipp Diekmann (Hamburg)
Discipline: Brewers Cup
  • German champion: Hannes Fendrich (Berlin)
  • Silver: Adriana Rehn (Emmerich)
  • Bronze: Christina Rählert (Borgsdorf)

Since October there is already a winner in the

Discipline: Roast
  • German champion: Benjamin Pozsgai (Köln)
  • Silver: Erick Brockholz (Hamburg)
  • Bronze: Duc Dung Nguyen (Osnabrück)

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