Selfie Coffee – truly innovative coffee

Selfie Coffee – truly innovative coffee

Where to get Selfie Coffee? In Berlin!

A selfie with your coffee – that is what many people do and is neither new nor worth a blog post! Free pouring or painting pictures in the milk foam is already a hipster sport and certainly soon to be Olympic. Because it takes quite a lot of practice. After Duckface, Selfie Stick, Instagram, Snapchat and Co., it was only a matter of time until someone came up with the idea to print pictures (also selfies) on the milk foam of cappuccino with a 3D printer. In Taiwan and Korea you get the so-called selfie coffees for 4 years. So far, there has not been a café in Germany with such a coffee printer.

Reeham Coffee

Last summer Reeham Coffee opened in Berlin Kreuzberg and was the first of its kind in Germany. As a true Berliner you do not drive across Berlin, but wait until there is a further store or similar in your own neighborhood. The wait was worth it! Reeham Coffee did now also open a coffee shop in my Charlottenburg and I was there.

Owner Maher Magri got the 3D printer for about 1500€ from Korea. A little tip: call before you visit, because only the boss operates the coffee printer. Perfect for me, because Maher is a great barista who knows how to foam the perfect milk and make espresso. Incidentally, you get the best print result on warm cow’s milk foam.


Once you have decided what to print on the coffee, you simply send a photo or picture to the cafés email address. Using an app on Maher’s tablet, the printer knows what to do and prints photos, logos or slogans in seconds on the cappuccino. The cartridges are filled with food coloring and coffee powder. The taste of brown milk foam does not change the taste of the coffee. And the print costs only 1 € on top – that’s fair.

By the way, the coffee not only looks stunning – the same goes for the taste! At least once a year, the team visits their coffee farmers in Mexico to check the quality. Third Wave hello! I’m a fan and I’ll be back.

Update 2021: Unfortunately it is not offered anymore at Reeham, but please comment if you found a coffee shop, who offers Selfie Coffee. I found another one in Cologne, but the coffee is probably not as good.

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