Relaxation Day

Relaxation Day

August 15 is relaxation day.

Coffee can not be missed! After all, 1/3 of all Germans drink coffee for relaxation and even 2/3 associate a time out with coffee. So the perfect drink for today. If you need inspiration for the preparation, here you can find recipes from all over the world.

Where does it come from?

The term originally comes from medicine and means to be healthy again. Recovery is generally referred to as the process when a biological organism regenerates after a strenuous activity, after physical fatigue and mental exhaustion, but also by injuries or illnesses by a resting phase and collecting forces.
The Americans Sean M. Moeller and A.C. Vierrow have invented the day. Why today, is not so clear.
I for my part would celebrate the it in parallel to the unbirthday 😉


Those who need more reasons for more, today is also the coffee are now the World Day of the Panama Canal, Independence Day of the Congo from the French and Indian Independence Day from the British. And as it is known, coffee is growing in these countries. More information you get by clicking.

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