Today, on the 21st of October, the day of coffee is celebrated in the Philippines in Lipa City.
  • In 1740 the Spaniards introduced coffee production
  • The Philippines were the fourth largest producer until 200 years ago, today they rank on 15.
  • Mostly small coffee farms.
  • Mindanao is the main island of coffee cultivation.
  • Cultivation of 4 types of coffee: Robusta, Liberica, Excelsa and Arabica (mainly Typica)
  • Harmonious round taste, full-bodied, spicy, balanced acidity
  • Often used in coffee blends.
  • Regarding coffee tradition in the Philippines unfortunately one can only say that Nestlé has with 85% market share the monopoly – that means instant coffee.
  • But there is progress. A lot of farmers grow the coffee organically and there are more and more Third Wave coffee roasters who not only roast imported beans from Ethiopia or Brazil, but support the local coffee industry.
  • At the first coffee festival in Manila from 7th -9th March 2019 one could see this trend clearly. The focus is on sustainability and improvement but without forgetting about the very long coffee tradition of this country.


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☕ Traditional Preparation

The coffee is natural processed. Then the raw coffee beans are roasted in a clay pot on an open fire. In fact, it looks as if the beans burn during the roasting process, as they are very dark outwardly. If you break up the beans, however, they are roasted on the inside only medium, so that the brewed coffee then tastes both strong with fruity notes.

After roasting, the beans are ground in old metal mills by hand. However, the coffee receives its locally unique taste only whith brewing. It is boiled in a kettle on an open fire. Depending on which local wood is used for the fireplace, the coffee gets infused for example, by pine wood. So the same coffee tastes slightly different depending on the wood that ws used for the fireplace. After boiling the coffee, it is poured into cups and sweetened with local brown cane sugar. Just lovely!

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