MAYA Coffee Roasters

MAYA Coffee Roasters

MAYA Coffee Roasters Hamburg

The name enchants already with reading … The premium coffee of Birthe and Christian Haase is grown in the homeland of Maya, in Chiapas, the area of ​​the Mexican Sierra Madre, by Indian small farmers. These get a fair price for their controlled ecologically grown coffee.
In Hamburg, the raw coffee is gets a quality check and is roasted daily to filter coffee or espresso. You can even watch, as it’s glazed!

Most Important Facts:

  • Premium Highlands coffee from Mexico, Peru & Ethiopia
  • Organic grown by Small Farmers
  • Organic certified
  • Fair trade
  • Golden award of the German roaster guilds for espresso & filter coffee
  • MAYA is recommended in the Café-Guide Deutschland.
  • Regular visit of the farmers, incl. travel report
  • Online ordering or in natural health stores, health care facilities or catering establishments.
  • Rösterei & Café in the Hammerbrookstr. 75 in 20097 Hamburg
  • Café at the Borgweg 15 in 22305 Hamburg
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coffee-bean-1296803_640 Coffee

  • Mexico MAYA
    Natural and soft aroma, almost entirely without acidity with chocolate spicy nuances
  • Mexico MAYA decaf
    Hardly distinguishable from Mexico MAYA coffee.
  • Peru TUKAN
    Medium-strong aroma, light-flowery acidity with chocolate, nutty nuances.
  • Ethiopian SIDAMO
    Up to 800 aromas provide a powerful coffee aroma a pleasant chocolate filling.


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    I am from Yemen looking for Coffee buyer if you are interested,please contact me on my E-mail and i will send you sample of a very good Coffee beans, and if you like it just write to me how many Kilo you need and how much you will pay me for per Kilo.

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