Coffee in Mauritius is Café de Chamarel

Coffee in Mauritius is Café de Chamarel

The smallest coffee producer in the world.
  • In addition to the Arabica coffee introduced during colonization, there are wild growing Coffea species:
    • C. mauritiana: also called Café maron, rarely grows in Mauritius.
    • C. macrocarpa: a small shrub with thick leaves and elongated very large coffee cherries.
    • C. bernardiniana
    • C. myrtifolia: 7-8 tall shrubs with small leaves.
  • The Chamarel coffee bushes were introduced by French settlers over 200 years ago.
  • Since 1967, Café de Chamarel is the only coffee grown in Mauritius.
  • The Arabica coffee in Mauritius grow on 280 m altitude in the southwest of the island on the volcanic soil together with bananas, pineapple, lychees, papaya and Co.
  • Pesticides are not used.
  • Only coffee cherries with optimal ripeness are harvested by hand from May to September and wet-processed


The largest population of Hindus prefer their sweet, milky tea, as well as the Creoles and Chinese. The Francos swear by their coffee.

Coffee is usually drunk Turkish – hot water is poured over the ground coffee in the cup. Then you wait until the coffee grounds have settled before you drink it.


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