2 % of the Coffee world harvest comes from Madagascar – this is rank 22 and supplies Robusta top coffee.
  • Coffee is one of the most important export goods in the country, beside famous vanilla and pepper.
  • Arabica from Ethiopia and Robusta arrived in Madagascar at the beginning of the 19th century.
  • Only 2% Arabica is cultivated, but this is to be expanded.
  • In addition, there are still more Liberica and more than 50 wild coffee beans, whose beans contain low caffeine and are not used commercially.
  • The cultivation areas are located along the east coast: Mananjary, Tamatave, Antalaha, Nosy Be and the Sambirano area in the north-west.
  • Arabica is cultivated on the high plateau Antananarivo and Lac Alaotra.
  • From small farmers without artificial fertilizers the plants are cherished and cultivated, until the mature coffee cherries are harvested singly.
  • The Robusta Kouillou is particularly balanced, very harmonious and therefore great for blends.
  • It has a distinct acidity and a light body.
  • Almost de entire crop is exported, and most of it to France – correspondingly hard it is to find coffees on the German market.

Traditional Preparation

  • On the streets in the larger cities there are so-called “flying” coffee-makers.
  • The raw beans are roasted in the pan over the open fire together with cane sugar.
  • Then crushed. This gives the coffee a light taste of charcoal and becomes super aromatic.

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