Live Longer With Coffee

Live Longer With Coffee

Heat up the water!

Coffee lovers knew it anyway. But new research also shows that people who drink 2-4 cups of coffee a day are18% less likely to die than people who do not drink coffee. It does not matter if the coffee is decaffeinated or not.

  • The study is considered the largest of its kind.
  • More than 520,000 people have participated in 10 European countries over a period of 16 years.
  • Compared to those who do not drink coffee, there were signs of healthier liver and circulatory systems and lower rates of inflammation among coffee drinkers, according to epidemiologist and study director Marc Gunter.
  • Also, the results suggest that “higher coffee consumption was associated with a reduced risk of death from any cause“.
  • This includes circulatory diseases and digestive diseases.
  • The next step is to analyze the chemical composition of the coffee in order to understand why coffee has such a positive effect on health.
  • More details on the study, such as participating countries, conditions of participation and results, can be found here >>


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