Coffee Street – Yes, it exists! Find out where!

Coffee Street – Yes, it exists! Find out where!

I am moving. There is actually a coffee road and coffee path!
  • The “Kaffeestraße” (coffee street) can be found in Bremen, Loxstedt, Lohne (Oldenburg), Bad Essen, Söhlde and Einbeck
  • The “Kaffeeweg” in Coburg, Neustadt am Rübenberge and Potsdam.

For two cities I could even research something about the origin:


The Kaffeestrasse got its name in the colonial era.

Bad Essen
  • Officially, the street bears this name only since the “niedersächsischen Kommunalreform” in 1972.
  • However, the inhabitants have long termed it so before. For the Why there are 2 versions:
  1. In an adjoining building of a house coffee was illegally roasted in the 19th century – so without the corresponding tax payment.
  2. Water used to trickle out of the farms and colored a water trench “black as coffee”.

All coffee roads and paths have one in common – they are damn small. And in Berlin there is not a single 😉 So I can only wait and drink coffee. Cheers!


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