Espresso Day

Espresso Day

Today is Espresso day!

The day is celebrated on the 23rd of November in the USA and we are celebrating with them!

It all started around 1900 in Milan. The term is derived from the Italian verb esprimere, whose participle is espresso. Translated it means express. Since at the beginning the espresso was only served at the bar, Espresso stands for the drink, which has been specially prepared for the guest. And even today the espresso in the southern European countries is considered to be the most common type of coffee.


  • Take finely ground coffee powder from dark roasted beans,
  • Press hot water at high pressure of 9 bar and obtain a highly concentrated coffee.
  • The strong taste comes from the special roasting of the beans, not by more caffeine.
  • Filter coffee has much more of this, because the water has more time to rinse the caffeine from the coffee grounds. Most of the caffeine contains Turkish mochas.
  • The dense, hazelnut-brown crema contributes significantly to the taste of the espresso.
  • Whether with or without sugar or with a glass of still water is a matter of taste. Only milk is not an ingredient.
  • So leave the filter coffee for today and celebrate the little strong!


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