Day of German Unity

Day of German Unity

The German favorite drink – coffee!
For the celebration of the year, the German favorite drink must not be missing. Time to have a deeper view into German coffee history and coffee specialities.
With 162 liters per person, coffee is the favorite beverage of the Germans. We drink it alone or in company, in the morning, at noon, in the evening, to wake up, get ready and hold out. 57 % drink coffee several times a day.

Coffee then

Coffee today

How Germans drink their coffee

With all the latte macchiato and coffee-to-go mentality, the Germans still drink 65.7% the favorite filter coffee. The Italian mixed drinks reach just 39.8 %. Black coffee only 21.1% prefer, with milk 41.5% and with sugar every third. For 41.7%, sweetness belongs to the coffee, and a moment’s silence for 37.4%.

  • Milchkaffee: mostly half milk, half coffee
  • Eiskaffee: chilled coffee with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream
  • Pharisäer: (Northfriesland) black coffee with a dice sugar, 4 cl rum and whipped cream with chocolate sprinkles.
  • Holzländer Rumkaffee: (Thuringia) Coffee with rum and sugar
  • Schwaten / Schwatten: (North German specialty) weak coffee with sugar and 2 cl “Korn”
  • Rüdesheimer Kaffee: Coffee flambéed with wine brandy, with whipped cream, vanilla sugar and chocolate sprinkles
  • Holländischer Kaffee (in the Rhineland) Coffee with egg liqueur, whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles
  • Muckefuck: Coffee substitutes from different grains and chicory, then as a substitute today as an alternative.

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