Coffee Tax – Insane €2.19 tax per kilo coffee in Germany!

Coffee Tax – Insane €2.19 tax per kilo coffee in Germany!

It is clear that the Germans have Inventor spirit. So please do not be surprised: Yes, there is a coffee tax in Germany!

  • The origins of the coffee tax goes back to the 17th century.
  • The aim was to generate additional revenue for the financing of government expenditure.
  • In 1953 a corresponding law was passed – the coffee tax law.
    • 3 DM per kilogram of coffee were then due.


Coffee Tax – Revision in 2009

  • In 2009 there was the last revision, incl. tax rate adjustment
    • For 1 kg roasted coffee € 2.19
    • For 1 kg of soluble coffee € 4.78
  • And this is worthwhile for the state, because we Germans drink a lot of coffee.
  • Approximately EUR 1 billion of taxes are collected annually.
  • The tax must be paid from the first kilo.
  • Since 2010, mail order companies from the EU-countries have to register and pay the tax, if they are German private people.

In addition to Germany, Belgium and Denmark also charge the tax in Europe. If you are in the Netherlands, you can get a lower price and legally import up to 10 kg.

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    1. Bunaa

      Yes, but importing makes it even more expansive due to the shipping costs + extra environmental pollution for the transport.
      At least the coffee tax on instant coffee is higher 😉

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