Coffees – Italians do it better (?)

Coffees – Italians do it better (?)

Have you planned a movie night?

Of course not without coffee! I promise the whole movie is full of it. It is the first documentary about the opening of Starbucks in Italy. Yes heard right, so far there was no Starbucks in Italy!


  • Italy, documentary short film, 40 min.
  • Published on: 3 June 2017
  • Story/ Director: Federica Balestrieri, Federico Lucas Pezzetta
  • Actors: Massimo Barnabà, Andie Benedikter, Ilvana Beslagisch


The title leaves no doubt open: coffee – the Italians make it better (?) The answer is unfortunately no, because the Italians have lost the supremacy in this area long time ago. Now it is time for a change.
In 2018 in Milan, in the Piazza Cordusio, the first Starbucks opens in Italy. What the Italian coffee expert community thinks about it, is clarified in the documentary. Third Wave Baristas and roasters are interviewed.
Thematically it is about the growth of coffee in Italy, including the advantages and disadvantages; Opinions about the education level of the average barista and especially about the positive aspects that will accompany the opening of the first Starbucks in Italy. Yes, heard that right. The group plans both different preparation methods such as filter coffee and espresso as well as a selection of different single origins of various countries and blends. Starbucks could help the Italian coffee industry diversify its offerings.

The Movie

The trailer of: “Coffees – Italians do it better (?)” you find here – the complete movie below.

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