Coffee Documentary – Top 8 must-see selections!

Coffee Documentary – Top 8 must-see selections!

If you just want to spend the day in front of the telly.

Best start tomorrow with a coffee documentary. The selection at Netflix, Prime and Sky are a bit limited, so here is a small overview.

The coffee man

2016 | 86:00 Min.

The Coffee Man explores the extraordinary world of specialty coffees. Sasa, an immigrant from Bosnia, takes the viewer on a journey from farm to cup, outclassing his competition from 52 countries for the 2015 World Barista Championship (WBC) title in Seattle.

Coffee Hunting: Kenya

2016 | 78:00 Min.

follows green coffee buyer Aaron Blanco for the Brown Coffee Company as he travels over 9,000 miles to Kenya looking for a new coffee.

Cup of Culture

2017 | 90:00 Min.

From world-class coffeehouses to coffee growers in the developing world, filmmakers seek answers to the question of what makes this unique drink so special.


2015 | 80:00 Min.

Hanh Nguyen and Vishal Solanki follow the cultivation of coffee in countries such as Colombia or Nicaragua, and on the other hand, prominent coffee lovers such as Danny Glover or industry experts such as Andrew Linnemann, who has been working for Starbucks for years, have their say.

Corsair’s coffee way

2016 | 52:00 Min.

1708: Two frigates leave Saint-Malo in France and drive to Mocha in Yemen. The leader of the expedition is Monsieur Lamerway, the corsair of Louis XIV, who wants to concentrate on the trade in coffee. With interviews, archive recordings and animations one dives into the history of the black gold of the 18th century.

La Finca Humana

2016 | 90:00 Min.

A group of Honduran farmers fight to plant a new society.

A Film about coffee

2014 | 67:00 Min.

A documentary that explores the origins and obsessions that go into every cup of specialty coffee.

Free documentation

Lebensart – Die neue Lust auf Kaffee

2017 | 45:00 Min.

The documentation visits coffee experts in the southwest: coffee roasters, baristas and coffee lovers. Hardly anyone knows that the supposedly best coffee machines in the world are not from Italy but from Heidelberg. And what would a coffee be without the right piece of cake in the stylish ambience of a coffee house? This is real way of life.

Ausgerechnet – Kaffee

2017 | 43:32 Min.

Daniel Assmann explores how the coffee price is made up and where the industry helps to make more profit with this product. His journey takes him to the Port of Hamburg, to a private roastery but also to a young café operator in Cologne. He goes to the questions of what constitutes a good coffee and what the consumer should look for when buying coffee.

Billig Kaffee vergifet uns alle!

2013 | 30:00 Min.

In the past, coffee was a luxury product, today the supermarkets outdo themselves with cheap offers. But who pays the price for our cheap coffee? Michael Höft seeks answers from coffee roasters and plantations. The journey is to Brazil, where he wants to find out under which conditions the workers on the plantations harvest our coffee. How much chemistry is sprayed on the plants? The results of his research are frightening. Only on an organic plantation there was a positive surprise.

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