From coffee on Easter Island to coffee with legs
  • Coffee arrived in Rapa Nui in 1800 with the Dutch colonists.
  • But the coffee farms were abandoned long ago. Since then the coffee grows wild here.
  • Recently, there is a pilot project on one hectare of land to grow specialty coffee in Rapa Nui.
  • Otherwise, Chile does not have sufficient heights for growing specialty coffees.
  • So, Nestlé dominates the Chilean coffee market with a market share of 85%.
  • And anyway, the Chileans drink more tea than coffee.
  • However the The National Association of Professionals and Coffee LoversANAPAC strives to improve and increase coffee consumption in Chile by covering the entire value chain from imports to extractions.
  • Even though the specialty coffee market in Chile is still very small at 3%, there is a rapid increase in specialty cafés.
  • Most of the country’s coffee houses are located in the capital Santiago.
  • And here you can find another unique phenomenon.
Café con piernas – Coffee with Legs

So the sexist phenomenon is called. You can fortunately only find it in Santiago. Here work only young women in miniskirt or string thong. The origin of these establishments, in which you not only get coffee, started in the time of the military dictatorship, in which the country was otherwise rather prudish. But the men should still get a chance to escape the worries of everyday life. The first of its kind – Café Haiti opened its doors in 1970.

☕ Traditional Preparation

Manjaris a caramel-like cream used to sweeten coffee. Before your get your coffee served too sweet, it is best to order the coffee without sugar (sin azúcar), and sweeten as you wish.


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