Cappuccino Day

Cappuccino Day

Did you know… the 8th of November is Cappuccino Day.

Today the National Cappuccino Day is celebrated in the USA. Enough occasion to see why the cappuccino is so popular, and who actually invented it.

Who invented it?

This is quite easy, the Italians! Not quite! The roots of cappuccino are actually in Austria. The Viennese coffee specialty “Kapuziner” is a mixture of mocha / espresso and liquid cream. It owes its name to the coloring, which resembles the habit of a capuchin. By Austrian soldiers the specialty was to reach Italy. The Italian term for hood is Cappuccio. The rest is history.

How is cappuccino prepared?

It only needs an espresso, hot milk and milk froth. It is served in a pre-heated thick-walled porcelain cup. Traditionally, the Italians like to drink it sweetened and almost exclusively for breakfast. With 150 -180 ml the milk portion is less than with a latte macchiato and thus also stronger. For perfection do not forget the latte art.

Why and how today is celebrated.

By the end of 1990, Cappuccino became popular in the United States with the boom in the American coffee industry. Since when the day is exactly celebrated and who initiated this is unclear. Doesn’t matter as long as you enjoy it.

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