#58 of coffee producers worldwide.

☕ Traditional Preparation

Cambodian coffee was originally roasted with butter, animal fat and alcohol. Even today, coffee is roasted along with vegetable fat, soybeans, corn and chicory. After roasting, the beans are immediately finely ground.
The coffee is brewed either with a cloth sock or with a Phin coffee filter.

Kafe Khmao

black strong coffee

Kafe Teuk Doh Ko/ Kafe Blanc

coffee with milk

Khmer បខ្មែរ
  • Add 1 teaspoonful of coffee powder to the phin, place on a glass with 1-3 tsp of condensed milk and add hot water to the filter.
  • The coffee is drunk hot or on ice.

coffee-bean-1296803_640 Coffee

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