Barrel Aged Coffee – flavored in barrels!

Barrel Aged Coffee – flavored in barrels!

Today something for whiskey, gin, rum and wine lovers!

Are you looking for a coffee with a very special aroma? On the one hand, there are flavored coffees, which I wrote about a while ago. The disadvantage of these coffees, however, is that the process makes the beans oily. The aromatic oil not only masking the coffee’s own taste. It also gets stuck in the coffee grinder, so that the unflavored next beans you grind get flavored as well. But there are other methods of flavoring coffee – you can store the beans in liquor or wine barrels!

This is not brand new, but a real niche product, as storage in old whiskey, gin, rum or wine barrels is quite time-consuming and the coffee becomes more expensive. Let’s take a concrete look at how it works, how it tastes and where to get.

How does the aroma get into the barrel aged coffee?

It’s pretty simple. The coffee roaster buys used barrels from winemakers or distilleries. The green raw coffee is stored in these for a few weeks to years, depending on the coffee. Through this process, the coffee absorbs the aroma of the oak barrels and their previously matured spirits or wine and gives the coffee a unique, tasty, sweet aroma even after roasting, without masking the coffee’s own taste as with flavored coffees.

The coffee taste becomes more complex. Some roasters also store the coffee in barrels for a few days after roasting. However, since the beans are outgassing at the time, I’m not sure how effective this method is.


Whiskey Barrel Aged coffee
Whiskey Barrel Aged coffee
Wine Barrel Aged coffee

And how does the barrel aged coffee taste?

I had the privilege to test such a great coffee and I’m thrilled. I got one of 250 limited 180 g glass bottles of Dead or Alive Whiskey Coffee “Deadly Jack”. The name says it all, because the green coffee was stored in old Jack Daniels barrels for 3 months before it was roasted in small batches. As soon as you open the coffee bottle, you get a full load of lovely whiskey in your nose. While preparing the coffee, the aroma spreads throughout the kitchen.

To my great surprise, 100% of the aroma arrives in the mouth as well. Whether as an espresso or a latte macchiato, the coffee retains its whiskey note and has a caramel-like sweetness. The coffee does not contain alcohol. So you can start right in the morning.

During my research, I also found the following crazy video. No coffee beans are stored here, but coffee for 20 years in a sherry barrel at -3 ° C. A teaspoon costs £ 15.

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