Advent Calendar – Day 10

Advent Calendar – Day 10

As promised, there will be a highlight for the 2nd Advent.

In bag 10 are Guatemalan coffee beans that were 2016 Cup of Excellence winner. The COE is the competition for the best green coffees in the world. The title “Award Winner” is awarded only to participating coffee lots, not to entire farms. Therefore, the winning coffees are an absolute rarity, available only in small and strictly limited quantities.

bunaa-coffeebean The Coffee

Finca La Esperanza

  • The climate in Barranca Grande in San Marco at 1,735 m altitude is perfect for growing specialty coffees.
  • Rogelio Saúl Méndez Juárez is the owner of the farm La Esperanza de Mendez.
  • He cultivates Arabica Bourbon and Arábigo.
  • They are 2 of the best in the region and internationally known for their quality.
  • In 2016, Rogelios Kaffee scored 87.24 points in the SCAA Cup of Excellence.
  • The coffee is soft and full-bodied, has pear aromas with delicate citrus notes and smells of almonds.

… and comes in Third Wave style in the glass today.

Japanese Iced Coffee

  • Add 150-160 g of ice cubes in a coffee pot and place a hand filter on it.
  • Brew 30 g of coffee with 340-350 ml of 96 °C hot water.
  • The coffee drips directly on the ice and is chilled.
  • Then pour the coffee in a glass filled with ice cubes and enjoy.
Tomorrow the new week starts with bag 11. Can you imagine, I am looking forward to a Monday ?! 😉

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