Taiwanese Coffee

Taiwanese Coffee

The 7th of November is in Taiwan for the day of coffee. On all weekends Taiwanese coffee is celebrated in the evenings of November.

  • The British Trade Company brought the first coffee plants to Taiwan in 1884.
  • Best cultivation area: Gukeng
  • Mild, nutty taste and very digestible due to a very low acid content.
  • As a beverage, coffee became increasingly popular from 1990 onwards.
  • Taiwanese can not cover their coffee consumption by self-cultivation and import to 99%.
  • After it was still the beverage of the High Society, it is today a symbol of a modern lifestyle.
  • Jacky Yu-chuan Lai became World Cup champion in 2014 and has his own cafés in Kaohsiung City: Caf’e 自然醒 (Cafe Wake Up) & Oh! Cafe 握咖啡
  • Berg Wu was voted World Barista champion in 2016 – his Café Simple Kaffa can be found in Taipei.


Taiwanese coffee cup
Taiwanese coffee cup

Taiwanese Coffee: Traditional Preparation

Sea Salt Coffee
  • 2 cups strong coffee, e.g. with the French Press
  • 1/3 cup of cream
  • 1/8 tsp coarse sea salt
  • 4 tbsp brown sugar, like Mascobado
  • 1/2 tsp white sugar
  • some cocoa powder

Prepare coffee and then sweeten with the brown sugar. Whip up the cream with salt and white sugar. Pour coffee into a glass, then add the whipped cream and dust with cocoa powder and serve. If you want, you can cool the coffee in advance and serve it on ice.

Where to get Taiwanese Coffee Beans?

Where to go for good Taiwanese Coffee?

If you just happen to be in Taipei, you should also stop in those cafés at one of the best coffee cities in the world.

Gukeng Coffee Festival

It is celebrated since 2003. Gukeng is the cradle of Taiwanese coffee cultivation. In order to constantly improve the quality, competitions are held during the festival, which elect the best and freshest coffee beans produced by local farmers. In addition, the best coffee-makers and the best barista will be chosen. For the Festival Feeling there is a small selection of coffee:

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