St. Helena

St. Helena

The small island is perhaps known to the historical enthusiasts as exile of Napoleon (1815-1821). At the same time, however, exclusive coffee is also produced here: Green Tipped Bourbon Arabica – the third most expensive in the world
  • The 122 km² small island is located about 1,900 km from Africa and more than 3,200 km from South America, in the middle of the South Atlantic.
  • The volcanic origin of the island provides a nutrient-rich soil and the mild maritime climate provides ideal conditions for coffee cultivation.
  • On February 10, 1733, the East India Company brought coffe beans to the island of St. Helena. These came from the port of Mocha in Yemen.
  • Thanks to Napoleon that the coffee grown there became world famous.
  • In 1839 Napoleon’s Morgentrunk was declared the world’s best coffee by the London coffee trade agency W. Bumie & Co.
  • There are only 6 coffee fincas.
  • Despite the increase in harvest, the cultivated area on the island is restricted.
  • The traditional organic cultivation, the excellent quality and limited edition availablity a correspondingly high price.
  • The coffee is very balanced overall, has a very rich body with a slightly chocolatey, strong flavor, refined by a sweetish note.
  • The light acidity with lingering fruity nuances round off the taste of the coffee.


  • Expensive plantation coffees like the St. Helena should be prepared very gently.
  • So please do not use it in the espresso machine or in a fully automatic machine.
  • The aromas can best be developed in the French-Press or with the hand filter.

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image licence: by the NASA Expedition 19 crew. NASA Earth Observatory

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