Coffee in Spain

Coffee in Spain

Due to the colonial period, coffee has a long tradition in Spain.
The selection of preparations which are often the same as those of their former colonies is correspondingly longer.

Café solo


Café Suizo

Espresso with 1tbsp chocolate and 1tbsp cherry liqueur*, whipped cream and grated chocolate*

Café con Hielo / Café con tiempo

You place ice cubes in a longdrink glass and pour a café over it. (Take the filtered water for the ice cubes!)

Café Americano/ Café Largo

In a coffee cup, the same amount of hot water is added to a café.

Café con Leche

Milk coffee, 1/2 café, 1/2 milk (often foamed)

Café Leche Leche

Espresso with milk and condensed milk.

Café Manchado/ Café Sombra

The Spanish Cafe Latte. Manchado means hot milk.


“Tallat” in Catalan
Café with a shot of milk or milk foam.

Café Bombón

In a coffee glass 1 café is layered on condensed milk. If you like add a milk foam topping.


small milk coffee with sweetened condensed milk and a shot of Licor 43*, a slice of lemon peel and a bit of cinnamon*.

Café Azúcar

Café made of coffee beans, which were roasted and candied using the Torrefacto method with lots of sugar.


Cortado with a shot, e.g. Rum or brandy


The condensed milk is first filled into an espresso glass. Then you layer the café, liqueur and the lemon peel over it. Finally, put the milk foam and sprinkle with the cinnamon.

  • With a shot of liqueur, brandy (cognac) or rum.
  • Sugar is mixed in the glass with the alcohol, lit and fired, then café is added. As a decoration, coffee beans and a piece of lemon peel are added to the glass.

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