• Samoa is located in the Pacific Ocean northeast of Fiji – the largest islands are Savaiʻi and Upolu.
  • Robusta coffee has been grown since 1930 by German immigrants.
  • Unfortunately, the quality and productivity were too low, even though the islands of Samoa are of volcanic origin and so have very fertile soils.
  • Due to strong growth forecasts for global coffee consumption, the Women in Business Development (WIBD) initiative launched a large planting program for Organic Arabica coffee for around 300 small farmers in 2009.
  • With a direct sales agreement with the New Zealand coffee shop chain C1 Espresso the families were trained on production, processing and packaging for Kofe Samoa.
  • The farmers get a fair income.
  • Other coffee plantations are located in the lush mountains of Aleisa, on the island of Upolu.
  • Despite all the efforts, natural disasters such as the tsunami in 2009 and the cyclone in 2012 on the islands of Samoa have repeatedly caused setbacks as the plantations are devastated.


  • Kofe Samoa
  • Aleisa Coffee

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