#41 of the coffee-producing countries.
  • In recent years old coffee plantations have been rehabilitated and old coffee plants have been rejuvenated, usually by decapping the plants to a height of about 1.5 m.
  • New techniques were also used for the propagation of Robusta plants.
  • For this, more than 110 Arabica varieties are tested on the Mambilla Plateau to improve the coffee industry in the country.
  • New coffee cultivation and fertilization methods are intended to increase yields.
  • Nigeria is now ranked 12th in the world when it comes to harvest yields.
  • Also overall quality of the coffee could be improved by the introduction of the wet processing.
  • However, since coffee is still a luxury, 75 % of the Nigerians still drink Nescafe.
  • A light sight: the roaster Kaldi and the Startup Cafe Neo, founded in 2012, help to build a coffee culture in Nigeria.

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