# 13 of the coffee producers worldwide.
  • Introduced in 1790 by Catholic missionaries, Coffee was and is the main export good of Nicaragua.
  • 80% of coffee is grown between 800 und 1,900 m, mainly Arabica like Bourbon and Pacamara.
  • Main cultivation areas are: Madriz, Estilí and the better varieties from Nueva Segovia, Jinotega and Matagalpa.
  • Speciality Coffee have the designation Central Estrictamente Altura.
  • Since small-scale farmers usually do not have money for agricultural machinery and chemicals, they are mainly cultivated biologically.
  • Thanks to the UCPCO (Unión Cooperativa Productores de Café Orgánico), coffee is not only cultivated ecologically, but fair trade as well.
  • They support small farmers in their independence and in securing their livelihood.
  • A critical contribution to the example of the origin of the Fairtrade movement can be found here >>
  • The taste varies depending on the region from sweet, caramel and milk chocolate to floral delicate and acidic, hearty and honey.

Traditional Preparation

  • In a Comal, a flat clay bowl, the beans are roasted over the fire and then ground.
  • The powder is placed in a large pot of hot water (no longer cooking!)
  • 3-4 min. later, pour coffee through a cloth and fill it in a pot.
  • coffee is drunken with lots of sugar, surprise surprise 😉

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