Coffee Magazine recommendations

Sure, you can google everything and search online, even cozy with tablet on the couch.
But is it not nice to to thumb through a magazine? If so, I hope you will enjoy the following reading tips.
  • “The” German coffee magazine, which is also available in the newspaper shop.
  • Published every 2 months
  • Themes: Coffee cultivation, background information, events, cafes, new products up to coffee machines, tests and reviews.
  • Both international themes and focus on the German coffee market.
  • € 4.80 per issue, € 28.80 for one year subscription (incl. gift) or as an epaper for € 19.99
  • Website: much editorial content such as news, city guides and reviews.
  • Hip English language magazine
  • Published every 3 months
  • International themes: coffee, barista, rituals, people and the world.
  • Information on coffee, its history and preparation, as well as exciting reports about people who have made their passion for the profession.
  • 40 per year incl. coffee sample of one roasting per issue
  • Newsletter subscription is possible via the website.
  • English-language magazine.
  • A very thin magazine, which is quick to read.
  • Published every 2 months
  • Themes: news, new products, newest coffees from different international roasters
  • £ 2.50 per issue or annual subscription: UK version (£ 20), EU version (£ 38), international version (£ 52)
Café Solo
  • German-language magazine
  • Published every 3 months
  • Topics: current trends and tips, reports from cultivating countries, tips for professional coffee preparation, background knowledge or information about new products.
  • In addition to the technology section, there are also curiosities, news and recipes.
  • € 10 per issue and € 42 in the annual subscription or € 30 digital.
Coffee Business
  • German-language magazine
  • Published every 2 months
  • Topics: mainly news relevant to companies such as: which coffee-makers and chains are the most successful internationally, the Coffeeshop Award and the latest news from the roasting scene.
  • Economic aspects such as mobile sales concepts or costing.
  • There are also special editions on special topics.
  • € 20 per issue and € 100 in the annual subscription or € 75 digital.

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