Galapagos Coffee – Organic Rarity

Galapagos Coffee – Organic Rarity

What you think probably first is about the unique flora and fauna. But why should not the Galapagos coffee be extraordinary as well?
  • Politically, the 13 islands belong to Ecuador.
  • 1879 Manuel J. Cobos planted for the first time coffee on the island of Chatham, today’s San Cristobal. The Arabica Bourbon coffee seeds originated from the Caribbean.
  • Another story says it was a group of French researchers between around 1869.
  • Because the entire area is a national park, there are special requirements and verifications.
  • The correspondingly small amount of organic coffee produced makes it a rarity of the highest quality.
  • Due to the nutrient-rich volcanic soil, the coffee gets a full body and nicely rounded taste.
  • In addition, Galapagos coffee has a very fresh aroma and a delicate chocolate note. The aftertaste is intense and long.
  • The light acid content makes the coffee very digestible.


Galapagos Coffee

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