Coffee Kombucha – Easy DIY Recipe

Coffee Kombucha – Easy DIY Recipe

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Anyone who has read my Copenhagen coffee tour article knows that I recently tasted coffee kombucha at the Coffee Collective in Copenhagen. Chilled or on ice a really good diversification. Today I’ll show you how you can make coffee kombucha at home. Because bottled it is seldomly available in Germany.


How coffee becomes kombucha

Actually, the production works as usual – except that the basis is green/ black tea and proportionately (from 20%) or even 100% coffee.

  • You need a glass with at least 2.5 l capacity.
  • That’s where the Kombucha fungus gets in.
  • You get that z. B. in the pharmacy or in the WWW.
  • Then you brew 2 l of coffee. I recommend filter coffee or cold brew.
  • Dissolve 200 g of sugar in the coffee and let it cool to room temperature.
  • At to the glass with the Kombucha and cover with a cheesecloth or kitchen paper and rubber band.
  • Let it ferment between 10-16 days in the dark as immobile as possible.
  • Finally, the coffee kombucha is filtered and bottled. You can keep it in the fridge for a few days.

The taste of coffee kombucha is strongly based on the coffee used and gets a refreshing tart note with a slight tingling through the fermentation process.

I finally found a bottled coffee Kombucha in Berlin at the Barn in November 2022 and immediately had to take 2 of the limited edition cans home with me. I find the combination very nicely balanced. Definitely a good idea to enjoy ice-cold on a hot summer day!


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