Coffee Christmas Gifts

Coffee Christmas Gifts

Like every year, quite unexpected!

In a month is already Christmas! Do not panic if you do not have any ideas, because here are the TOP 5 coffee gifts for Christmas.

#5 Coffee Spices

Ginger, orange peel, cinnamon, allspice, vanilla, nutmeg, cardamom, clove, honey, rosehip, black pepper, panela, tangerine peel, rose petals, red chillies, freeze dried strawberries, anise and maple sugar promise a taste explosion in your cup.


#4 ONA Coffee Distributor – OCD V3


It not only looks great, but always ensures a consistent perfect result in the cup. A must for every espresso coffee machine owner – and maybe something that not everyone has.


#3 Coffee Style


Photographer Horst Friedrichs travels to the masters of the new coffee culture. The so called “Third Wave” is about specialty coffee, fair trade and sustainability as well as gentle roasting and the art of preparation. In leading metropolises of the world the beverage is celebrated as an important daily event. There is a variety of appliances and preparations, hip roasters and barista, who make coffee with a lot of creativity to the art.

#2 Coffee Gift Boxes

What is better than a colorful mix and the anticipation of opening a box that you then explore bit by bit? So here are some of the most beautiful coffee gift boxes from different roasters:

  • TRY Kaffee: 5 x 50g coffee + 60-page booklet
  • Mókuska Caffè: 250g coffee, scoop, Hario V60 Dripper + filter, 2x espresso chocolate
  • Speicherstadt Kaffee: 4 x 250g coffee + 2 coffee cups
  • Becking Kaffee: 20 x 50g coffee in a coffee bag
  • Coffee Circle: 350g coffee, enamel cup, coffee knowledge book
  • Coffeepoltan: 5 x 9 pck. for cups of coffee, Stelton mini brewer + cup


#1 Kaffee-Subscription

Probably the best gift – because what could be better than knowing that the coffee is never gone?!
Kaffee subscriptions are offered by many roasting companies, such as CoffeeCircle, Happy Coffee, Flying Roasters, Kaffischopp, Torrefaktum, Solvino. More roasting in the overview can be found here.

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And if you do not even have an advent calendar, you’ll find a selection here.

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