Coffee Gifts – Top 5 presents for coffee lovers

Coffee Gifts – Top 5 presents for coffee lovers

Like every year, quite unexpected!

In a month is already Christmas! Do not panic if you do not have any ideas, because here are the TOP 5 coffee gifts for Christmas.

Coffee Gifts #5 Coffee Spices

For coffee lovers, who love to try new – spice up their life!


Coffee Gifts #4 Coffee Tamper Station

It not only looks great, but always ensures a consistent perfect result in the cup. A must for every espresso coffee machine owner – and maybe something that not everyone has.


Coffee Gifts #3 Coffee Book

For all coffee lovers who love books as well


#2 Coffee Gift Boxes

What is better than a colorful mix and the anticipation of opening a box that you then explore bit by bit? So here are some of the most beautiful coffee gift boxes from different roasters:


Coffee Gifts #1 Coffee Maschines

How my boyfriend got me 😉 He bought me a coffee grinder


And if you do not even have an advent calendar, you’ll find a selection here.


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