Coffee is part of the lifestyle.

☕ Preparation

The Argentines have a fourth meal a day – La Merienda – sometime between 16 and 18 o’clock. There is coffee, usually with a piece of facturas, biscuits coated with sugar jelly, e.g. with dulce-de-leche filling, croissants (medialunas) or toast (tostadas) and orange juice.
At home, coffee is prepared in a metal jug – a Cafetera. The ground coffee hangs in a cotton filter in the pot and is doused with hot water. The brewed coffee is poured into the hot milk in your cup and often sweetened.


Cup of coffee (espresso extended with water)

Café Solo/Cafecito

a strong little coffee with sugar, similar to an espresso (un cafe)

Café chico


Café en jarrito

double espresso in a stemmed glass with handle.

Café con Leche

cafe latte


Espresso with some milk and milk froth served in the glass.

Café con crema

Cortado, with a dash of cream instead of milk.

Café Lágrima

Light and airy, milk foam with a “tear” of coffee.

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