Aluminum Espresso Maker – Fine or Toxic?

Aluminum Espresso Maker – Fine or Toxic?

Time to say goodbye

I have to admit – it was very hard to to through away THE classic Espresso maker. My little Moka Express* not only had sexy rough edges, it also simply brewed good espresso. Unfortunately, this espresso maker is made of aluminum. After I’ve already stopped spraying aluminum under my armpits, it’s time to stop drinking it as well. Why and what alternative espresso maker there are, you read today in my article.


Moka Express – Espresso maker made of aluminum*

The advantages and a bit of nostalgia
  • It has been around since 1933 and is the first espresso pot for the home.
  • Aluminum is light and inexpensive.
  • The octagonal Bialetti shape ensures perfect heat distribution and thus enhances the aroma of the coffee.
  • Sold over 300 million times, the ‘Caffettiera’ is a worldwide cult object and an integral part of traditional coffee preparations.
The Disadvantages
  • Although the cans are suitable for electric and gas stove, there are not for induction cookers.
  • Those espresso makers are also not suitable for the dishwasher and must be cleaned by hand.
  • The mocha pot is made of aluminum.


How does the aluminum get into the coffee
  • The espresso maker of aluminum gets a protective patina, which prevents the light metal goes into the beverage. Therefore, you should pour away the first 3 brewed coffee before the first use and under no circumstances clean in the dishwasher, as this removes the patina.

However, this research result of the Hessian State Laboratory faces other findings


Is aluminum harmful?
  • Aluminum is the most abundant metal in the earth’s crust. As aluminum silicate, it is not toxic.
  • Only after processing into aluminum the light metal damages our health.
  • But the problem with aluminum starts much earlier. For extraction from bauxite, thousands of hectares of jungle are cleared every day in South America. The subsequent processing with chemicals and the storage or disposal of waste products pollute the environment.
  • In healthy people, aluminum excretion occurs via the kidneys. In the course of life, however, it accumulates especially in the lungs and skeletal system.
  • Aluminum can damage the nervous system, fertility and bone development.
  • High aluminum exposure is also associated with many chronic diseases such as osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and rheumatism.
  • In 50-60 % of all breast cancer patients, the tumor formed on the outer quadrant of the mammary glands. That’s why aluminum was banned from most deodorants.
  • In patients with advanced dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, aluminum residues can very often be detected in the brain. Patients often take aluminum-containing medicines to control stomach acid. The package leaflet of such medicines even points out the consequences of permanent use: “If taken continuously, the aluminum levels in the blood should be controlled, because when taking high doses – especially if the kidney performance is impaired – for the absorption of aluminum in organs and dementia can occur.”
  • There are only about 500 researchers worldwide who are intensively involved with light metal aluminum. Opposite them are large groups of companies and interest groups, who prove the harmlessness of light metal in numerous studies.

Here is an interview with Professor Christopher Axley – a luminary in the field of aluminum research

Alternative espresso maker

I do not trust the alleged patina and I’ve seen what else Bialetti has to offer. Stainless steel without eight edges. Well and there is my new Bialetti espresso maker – this time with waist and curves. My model is named Venus*. Since then the coffee tastes even better.

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  1. Barbara

    I personally have an Italian coffeemaker like this (free of aluminium) with plug. It turns off automatically when all the water in the bottom part has evaporated. The added benefit for me (as I have an electric cooker), is that I do not have to waste power when heating up a whole cooktop for such a small surface.

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