Ahoi Marie – coffee presents

Ahoi Marie – coffee presents

Small gifts preserve friendships!

A great inspiration for me was again the Holy Shit Shopping in December. This time I found something very pretty – Ahoi Marie.

In 2006, Alexandra and Hauke ​​started their shop with maritime products and gifts with blue-and-white mariners motifs. But let’s start at the front. There is freshly roasted coffee and espresso from Büsum, which comes in a lovingly hand-stamped packaging. Matching the coffee, there are stylish dishes such as cups, plates and porcelain filters.

However, I was most impressed by the vintage porcelain. Coffee dishes including sugar bowls and milk jugs get a new blue and white Ahoi Marie touch. The small fish, boats, anchors and mermaid motifs are branded at 750 ° C for several hours.

Ahoi Marie products are an absolute eye-catcher.

I have just given it away and guess who’s the best friend in the world 😉 Enjoy browsing – there are also glasses, calendars, notebooks, duffle bags and gym bags.



Online or in the store: Thielbek 3, 20355 Hamburg


In the store: Di – Fr 11:00 – 19:00, Sa 11:00 – 17:00

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