Advent Calendar – Day 7

Advent Calendar – Day 7

Back to the roots…

With bag 7 it goes back to the origin of Arabica coffee – to Ethiopia.

bunaa-coffeebean The Coffee

Yirgacheffe Aricha

  • The filter coffee comes from the Yirgacheffe region in southern Ethiopia.
  • With its reddish-brown clay soils and cool, moist highland climate up to 2000 m altitude, the region is predestined for excellent Arabica coffee.
  • The coffee beans come from the Aricha Washing Station, which is supplied by about 300 small farmers from the region.
  • The taste of a floral spicy coffee with balanced sweetness and acidity awaits me.
    Since Ethiopia has a millennium-old coffee tradition, I take time for a small coffee ceremony this morning. The popcorn is already in the pot.

The Coffee Ceremony Buna

  • Usually takes place with friends, neighbors or relatives and strengthens the community feeling.
  • Traditionally, the fresh green coffee beans are washed by women, rubbed dry and then roasted in a flat metal tray on glowing charcoal and then ground with a mortar.
  • The water is now boiled in the Jebena.
  • Then the coffee powder is put into the pot and boiled. Depending on the region spices such as cloves, a pinch of salt or milk are also boiled up.
  • Then the coffee is poured into small porcelain cups in a thin golden stream of about 30 cm in height and drunk with lots of sugar.
  • For this, freshly roasted grains, chickpeas or popcorn are served.
  • While all guests enjoy their first coffee, the hostess cooks up the second brew, where worries and problems are discussed.
  • The last brew is the third and serves the blessing. In many parts of Ethiopia, the ritual takes place in the morning, at noon and in the evening.

Coffee bag 8 – you are due tomorrow 😉

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